Kazakhstan to dramatically increase number of educational grants in 2017 science

IIKSS - Kazakhstan will offer 10,000 educational grants more to prospective university students this year.
Yerlan Sagadiyev, Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, revealed at the Government's sitting on Tuesday that more grants will be available for Bachelor, Master and PhD degree students in 2017.
Minister Sagadiyev informed that over 520,000 students pursue their academic degrees at 130 tertiary institutions across Kazakhstan. Some 500,000 attend 820 colleges and 2,8 million children study at schools.
"Given favorable demographic situation, the number of students will continue to grow in Kazakhstan. In this context, the number of educational grants for Bachelor, Master and PhD degree students will be increased dramatically this year at the expense of the republican budget," Sagadiyev said.
According to the minister, expansion of academic freedom of universities, establishment of supervisory boards and a number of other measures will help improve the quality of teaching in Kazakhstan.


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