Rural citizens of virgin lands of the northern region are supplied with quality drinking water Investment

IIKSS - The residents of Oguzboy settlement in Ruhubelent etrap of Dashoguz Velayat will receive new water pipeleine, which is currently under construction according to the programme for provision of the population with quality drinking water. Realization of combined measures includes replacement of worn equipment and outdated methods of water purification, construction of water pressure facilities, introduction of new methods of control for sanitary, hygienic and ecological requirements.
Asly Berk Business Association carries out construction of 11 kilometres pipeline. As for today, laying of the pipes is accomplished and urban planning of the territory allocated for construction of water intake wells is carried out. New 3 kilometre pipeline was lad to the place of future pump station.
The start of new water line will allow to improve the quality of living and communal services in the settlement. Water purifying facilities are built, new water line are constructed and existing one are repaired all around the country for careful and rational use of natural treasures including water reserves.
Taking Ruhubelent etrap as a sample, which was recently established in virgin lands of the northern region, drinking water purifying facilities were built in Tuni Derya gengeshlik and administration centre of the etrpa, where tens of kilometres of water supplying network were laid.
Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan


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