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President of Turkmenistan congratulates compatriots on the New Year

President of Turkmenistan congratulates compatriots on the New Year Political and military events

IIKSS - The Year of Reverence for Heritage, Reforms in the Motherland of the epoch of might and happiness is coming to an end. Bidding farewell to the year of 2016, which is marked by high achievements in the implementation of programmes aimed at guaranteeing the interests of the country and people, we welcome the New Year, which is to lead our Fatherland to the new heights of progress.
According to the Chinese calendar, 2017 is the Year of Chicken, which the Turkmens consider as one of seven wonderful treasures. Let the Year of Chicken bring prosperity and abundance to each family!
The large-scale work on the development of the sovereign Fatherland and enrichment of national values was held in 2016. A number of large facilities were built with the aim to ensure the growth of the national economy of our country, pursuing the policy “The state for a person!” and improve the people’s wellbeing.
Oguz Han Engineering Technology University, the International Airport, Paýtagt control centre of the Aşgabatenergob Production Association, a number of medical centres as well as a furniture complex in the Ak Bugday Etrap in Ahal velayat, Aba Annayev village in the Kyarizek Gengeshlik in the Geoktepe Etrap, Children’s health-improving centre in the city of Serdar in the Balkan Velayat were put into operation in 2016.
A number of modern villages and settlements were opened in the Lebap and Mary Velayats. A cottage complex, yacht club and a five-star hotel were put into operation in the Avaza national tourism zone.
Another ambitious project – the Atamyrat-Ymamnazar-Akina section of the Asian international railway transport corridor was completed recently.
Our hard-working agricultural specialists reaped rich harvest of wheat and cotton. Over 1.600 million tons of wheat and more than 1.100 million tons of ‘white gold’ were delivered to the receiving points in the country.
Private entrepreneurs significantly contribute to increasing the economic potential of the Fatherland. The production of import-substituting and competitive export-oriented goods steadily grows. We will continue encouraging this sector of the national economy, developing the small- and medium-sized business.
Dear compatriots!
My native people!
Last year, we implemented a number of ambitious reforms aimed at bringing the national health-care system to the qualitatively new level. Hospitals and medical centres that meet the modern requirements were built throughout the country.
One of the most important tasks is to provide the younger generation – our future with modern education, apply every effort to bring up the physically strong youth. The efficient work is carried out in the country to successfully fulfil these tasks.
The development of science and introduction of advanced achievements stand as an effective mechanism for the growth of the national economy. XXI century is the century of science as the progress of a state is closely related to scientific progress. In this regard, we pay particular attention to the implementation of scientific, technical and innovative programmes.
Last year, the fundamental reforms took place in the sphere of physical culture and sports. The success achieved by Turkmen athletes’ at international competitions vividly testifies to the efficiency of our efforts.
Next year, Ashgabat will host the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. We will enhance the work to hold the 2017 Asian Games at the high organizational level.
The last year was very productive for our neutral state in the framework of international cooperation. For the fifth time, our country has been elected to vice-chair at the session of the UN General Assembly. The election of Turkmenistan into a number of the UN specialized institutions and commissions, and recently – the Chair of the Energy Charter, is an honour for our people and state.
All this vividly proves the increase of the international authority of our neutral state and the efficiency of the policy pursued in our country. As a reliable partner, we will develop fruitful relations with the United Nations Organisation.
As is known, Ashgabat hosted the Elders Council in September, 2016. The new edition of the Constitution of Turkmenistan was adopted during the meeting. In accordance with the Basic Law, we will continue moving forward along the way of reforms, guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of citizens and undertaking successful work in the name of the country and people.
Dear compatriots!
The efficient measures were taken to develop culture and enrich the national heritage in the Year of Reverence for Heritage, Reforms in the Motherland. The Mary Velayat hosted the Week of Culture. All these events were the festival of the centuries-old national spiritual heritage and culture. In the New Year, the Week of Culture will be organized in our beautiful capital – Ashgabat.
Our cultural policy is committed to the development of friendly relations with foreign countries and enhancement of cooperation in this sphere. That is vividly proved by giving the status of the cultural capital of the Commonwealth of Independent States to Dashoguz in 2016 and organization of the Days of Culture of Turkmenistan abroad and the days of culture of foreign states in our country.
Fraternal relations with Turkic speaking countries significantly widen. Last year, the representatives of friendly states took an active part in events held in our country and the masters of culture and arts of our country represented Turkmenistan in the festivities taken place in the Turkic speaking countries.
Dear friends!
I believe that the year of 2017, which we welcome with kind wishes and hopes, will be the year of progress, inspiration and remarkable achievements. While implementing programmes and great initiatives aimed at ensuring the interests of the country and people in the New Year, I rely on the selfless labour of our compatriots.
During the 2017 Elders Council in the Ahal Velayat, we will confer with the wise elders regarding the further development of the country, provision of happy, prosperous life for our citizens and will define the tasks for the future.
As I mentioned during the 2016 Elders Council in Ashgabat, 2017 would be marked with important historical events, including the election of the President of Turkmenistan.
The three political parties, namely the Democratic Party, the Agrarian Party and the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan will take part in the election campaign for the first time that will ensure the high level of alternative elections. I believe that the Presidential election will contribute to the growth of the social and political activity and maturity of our citizens.
We will continue paying particular attention to the further improvement of social and living conditions, rising salaries, pensions and scholarships.
My native people!
Dear compatriots!
In 2016, we widely celebrated the 25th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan with large-scale festivities. Within 25 years, our country has gained the recognition all around the world as one of the authoritative states, steadily developing in the political, economic, cultural and humanitarian spheres.
Dear compatriots!
Let the New Year be the year of peace and prosperity, wellbeing and success for our Fatherland.
I wish good health to all of you, and abundance and prosperity to each family!
Happy New 2017 Year, dear compatriots!
Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan


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