Official calls for intl. measures to solve Aras River's pollution Environment

Official calls for intl. measures to solve Aras River's pollution  

The MD of Iran’s Aras Free Zone slammed the international inactivity in reacting to one of Iran’s neighbors polluting the Aras River.

“International blind eye to the contamination of the Aras River is an environmental disaster,” said Mohsen Khadem Arab Baghi, the Managing Director of Aras Free Zone of Iran at the First International workshop on Transboundary Conservation between Iran and its Neighboring Countries.

“Despite repetitive warnings of Iran about the toxic chemical waste spill of one of the neighboring countries to the Aras River, the International entities have turned a blind eye to the dangers of contamination of the river,” complained the official about one of the neighbors of Iran who lets chemical wastewaters in the borderline river.

Khadem Arab Baghi who was addressing the environmental activists from twelve countries contended that though the river is shared by Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey, the consequences of contaminating the water of the river would have broader consequences as it finally pours into the world’s largest lake, the Caspian Sea.

He regretted that industrialization of communities is accompanied by negligence toward the environment which leads to risks for the nature and the human being.

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