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Iran, Russia discuss 'common threats'

Iran, Russia discuss 'common threats' Political and military events

Iran, Russia discuss 'common threats'

An Iranian military delegation led by Brig. Gen. Wali Madani has met Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu to address common threats, the Daily Izvestia reported Tuesday.

The latest exchange will also discuss ongoing efforts to agree on short-term purchases and to explore prospective joint production plans, the daily said.

According to Victor Murakhovski, editor of Russian journal Fatherland Arsenal, “such measures can serve as preparation towards joint activities since Iran and Russia face common risks which are posed in the Middle East and also in Central Asia. That is why there is a need to establish even closer cooperation,” according to Izvestia.

The Iranian delegation is also participating in Russia’s 2016 military games, which will continue until August 13. Izvestia’s defense commentator, Nikolay Surkov, said the exercises would “contribute to an improvement in interaction of military on both sides, exchange of experience by way of conducting joint exercises and also arranging exchanges for observers.”

According to commentator, Vladimir Sazhin, although at present heavy weapons cannot be sold to Iran, “it is still possible to negotiate about future sales when restrictions from Iran will be fully lifted. The Iranians are also interested in acquiring the technology to produce the heavy weapons themselves.”

The deals are being discussed at a time when Russia is mindful about possible competition from French and Chinese defense companies.

source: aa.com.tr


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