Iranian scholars to attend int'l conference in Russia science

Iranian scholars to attend int'l conference in Russia


The 5th International Conference on Modern Research in Management, Economics and Accounting is to be held in the presence of the father of management science of Iran Mahdi Alvani and Professor Malcolm Higgs in St. Petersburg, Russia.

According to the conference secretariat's report, prominent professors, researchers, experts in the field of economy, financial management, and accounting from Iran and other countries participate in the event which is scheduled to be held on July 28.

The 5th edition is to be held to exchange the newest scientific achievements and practical experiences in the field of management, economy and accounting and to consider scientific and executive challenges.

The event is to be sponsored by Kaunas University of Technology, Kharazmi University, Azad University, Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association, and Karin Company.

The main topics to be discussed in the event consist of banking, the environment, Islamic and practical approaches.


source: irna

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