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Which is the largest continent in the world

Which is the largest continent in the world Environment

Which is the largest continent in the world

Do you want to learn the surprising facts about the largest continent in the world? Then this article is for you!

Continent is a huge piece of land surrounded by the seas and oceans. There are a total of 6 continents and the largest continent in the world in area and population is Eurasia. The rest of the 5 continents are Africa, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica.

Eurasia is the Earth continent which takes the 36% of the dry land. People living on this continent make up 75% of the world population. The area of Eurasia is about 54 million sq. km and its population is about 5 billion people.

Eurasia is located in the Northern Hemisphere between 9 ° W and 169 ° W. Only some of the islands of Eurasia belong to the Southern Hemisphere. Most of the continent is located in the eastern hemisphere and western and eastern parts can be found in the Western Hemisphere.

Mainland unites the two parts of the world: Europe and Asia. The dividing line between them runs along the eastern ridge of the Ural Mountains, rivers Ural and Emba, north-western shore of the Caspian Sea, the eastern and southern shores of the Black Sea, the Aegean and Mediterranean seas and the Straits of Gibraltar.

This separation exists because of the historical events of European and Asian countries. The actual boundary doesn’t exist in the nature. Asia occupies a larger area than Europe. It is divided into smaller regions such as the Far East, Siberia, Primorye, Manchuria, Amur region, China, Tibet, India, Central Asia, Uighurs, the Middle East, Persia, Arabia, the Caucasus, Indochina and others.

The continent is a solid piece of land with a similar climate processes all over it. The natural landscape has changed over time, thanks to thousands of years of the development of the agriculture. Eurasia mostly follows the modern landscape pattern.

This continent is washed by all four oceans: the Arctic, Pacific, Indian and Atlantic. The most northerly point is Cape Chelyuskin, the southerly point is a cape Tanjung Piai; Cape Dezhnev is the most easterly point and Cape Roca is a place situated on the very west of the mainland.

The largest peninsulas of Eurasia are Arabia, Asia Minor, the Balkan, Apennine, Scandinavian, Iberian, Chukotka, Taimyr Peninsula, Indochina, Kamchatka, Yamal, Korea, the Indian subcontinent, Kola and Malacca.

In geological terms it is the youngest continent compared to the other continents, as it was formed during the Mesozoic and Cenozoic.

There are a number of platforms and slabs in Eurasia. The largest Plains (West-Siberian and East European) and the largest mountain range in the world (the Himalayas) are located on this continent.

 The average height of Eurasia is 830 m, and plateaus and mountains cover 65% of the continent.

All existing climate zones can be found on this continent. Most of the territory lies in the temperate zone. Due to the enormous size of Eurasia, there are also all natural zones: polar deserts, tundra, forest tundra, taiga, mixed forests, humid equatorial forests, semi-deserts and deserts, steppe and forest steppe zones of altitudinal zones.

There are 98 states on the continent. Some of them are Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Pakistan, China, Japan and others.

The second largest continent by size is Africa. Its area is 30.3 million square kilometers. The next ones are North America (24.7 million square kilometers), South America (17.84 sq km), Antarctica (14 million square kilometers).

And the smallest continent in the world is Australia. At the meantime it is one of the largest countries. It is home to about 23 million people. Its area is 7,614,500 sq km.

According to some geographers, there are 7 continents. They also claim Europe and Asia to be separate continents. If so, Asia should be considered the biggest one.


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