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Tehran, Moscow to run water exploration program

Tehran, Moscow to run water exploration program Hydrology

Tehran, Moscow to run water exploration program

Deputy energy minister has said exploration of deep waters in Iran will be carried out in partnership with Russia.

Iranian Deputy Minister of Energy Sattar Mahmoudi made the remarks noting “on the basis of studies and experts’ views, it is believed that Iran possesses deep underground sources of water.”

The official asserted “the strong probability has been made by experts though further studies are required which will be carried out by Water Research Institute at the Ministry of Energy.

“It needs to be checked whether access to deep waters can have an effect on the country’s other mineral resources or not,” he emphasized.

“Given the experience held by Russians in the field as well as the compromises between the watershed department of Iranian Ministry of Energy and Russian entrepreneurs, a memorandum of understanding has been signed between the two countries on conducting the studies,” he continued.

Sattar Mahmoudi went on to maintain “a Russian company and the Water Research Institute Department of Iran’s Energy Ministry will together on deep water exploration.”

“Indeed, the signed MoU has not become operational yet,” highlighted deputy energy minster adding “we seek to finalized the agreement in order to carry out deep water exploratory studies.”

Mahmoudi pointed out that primary studies reveal existence deep water resources in the East of the country; “in case of discovery, these resources would be a part of the country’s wealth.”


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