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Tourist Zone «Avaza» – the resort pearl of national industry of hospitality

Tourist Zone «Avaza» – the resort pearl of national industry of hospitality Tourism

Tourist Zone «Avaza» – the resort pearl of national industry of hospitality

In National Tourist Zone “Avaza”, a swimming season is in full swing. In these days, thousands of residents of Turkmenistan from all parts of the country have a rest here. In period of summer holidays and vacation in this really fertile land is always populous – everyone strive to spend time on the coast of ancient Hazar at least for the weekend, where the cleanest sandy beaches, generous sun, salubrious air and warm sea give a chance to have a rest, strengthen health.

Avaza hospitably welcomes its visitors and invites new, offering a wide choice of respectable hotels, cosy family cottages and villas, comfortable recreation centers for children and adults with all set of qualitative services.

Literally with the first beams of the rising sun, pouring with tender gold yellow -pink light the boundless sea spaces, a beach belt with accurately placed umbrellas and chaise lounges is bucked up. Soon, it is already covered with people, and the surf dazzles with colored Panama hats, hats of bathing persons, rubber rings and other swimming attributes. For some time the coast becomes empty in peak of solar activity, but then everything renews until sunset, drawing picturesque colorful etudes in the sky and on water.

But particularly active, violent life in Avaza started with opening at the beginning of this month of three park-entertainment complexes, which have decorated sea coast with original architectural and landscape design. Parks “Alemgoshar”, “Deniz merjeni” and “Jadyly kenar” are the most favorite ones today and the most visited resort places, where all conditions are created for fascinating pastime of adults and children.

As soon as the sun will weaken its hot embraces, attractions are filled with noisy children. In air, it is not abate the children's hubbub and laughter, especially lively at pools with aqua slides.

And in the evening, this heavenly part lights up with myriads of multicolored lights, music sounds everywhere, is developed with colorful light-musical water show of “dancing” fountains, and performances are held on concert platforms. For example, the performances of bakhshi, musicians and humorists are regularly organized for visitors of “Deniz merjeni” Park, and in the amphitheater of “Seyrana” hotel, the people enjoy the performances of circus actors...

Formation on resort coast of the Caspian Sea of the professional yacht infrastructure contributes to the expansion of possibilities in the field of health improving movement, attraction of the youth to active leisure.

Cultural and sport actions are organized jointly with the State Committee for sports and State Committee for tourism. So, competitions on football, volleyball, basketball, draughts, tennis and other kinds of sports are held here.

Besides, the visitors have an opportunity to choose various routs on cycle and excursions. Employees of the State Tourist Enterprise “Balkansiyahat” organized sea survey walk on a vessel “Charlak” from which board it is possible to examine whole panorama of growing and developing Avaza.

Active state support and personal patronage of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on realization of scale project have caused a vigorous embodiment in a reality of the first stages of creation of a world-level sea resort. And, these rates are kept. All this time, “Avaza” not only was constructed rapidly and improved, but also lived with rich business, creative, resort life, accepting every year for the summer more and more persons, who desire comfortable hotels and well-groomed beaches.

To date, the resort city is provided with all essential resources for normal vital activity - transport and other communications, potable water, electric power etc., and at that, in the volumes exceeding present requirements and answering to conditions of development for prospect.

According to its development rate, the resort was beyond one season, becoming the centre of socio-political, cultural and international life of the country all year long. Session of the Elders’ Council of Turkmenistan to be held in September will become such important event as well.

Careful attitude to ecology - a separate theme. The National Tourist Zone “Avaza” not only is constructed to keep beauty of the surrounding nature, but also to augment it, render beneficial influence on ecological conditions. For this purpose, landscaping plantings are held here.

On the Caspian coast, it is created innovative tourist cluster, where people will aspire to in summer and in winter, because, they will find here “an exclusive” combination of ecologically pure sea, picturesque landscapes and magnificent architectural views, high service, comfort and traditional Turkmen hospitality. Besides, the visitors of “Avaza” can become fans of sport contests, witnesses of the international creative festivals and national solemnities with original colour, participants still many unforgettable events, which will take place in the new tourist centre of region and world.

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