Azerbaijan significantly improves positions in Index of Economic Freedom-2019 Investment

Azerbaijan has significantly improved its positions in the Index of Economic Freedom-2019, compiled by the US influential think tank The Heritage Foundation, Trend reports citing the report.

Azerbaijan’s economic freedom score is 65.4, making its economy the 60th freest in the 2019 Index among 180 countries (67th in the 2018 Index). Its overall score has increased by 1.1 point, with improvements in the property rights, government spending, government integrity, judicial effectiveness and investment freedom.


The country gained 59.1 points (56.3 points in 2018) in property rights, 59.5 points (59.4 points in 2018) in government spending, 44.7 points (39.9 points in 2018) in government integrity, 53.1 points (36.8 points in 2018) in judicial effectiveness, 60 points (55 points) – investment freedom.

Kazakhstan ranked 59th, Turkey - 69th, Kyrgyzstan - 79th, Russia - 98th, Belarus - 104th, Tajikistan - 122nd, Uzbekistan - 140th, Ukraine - 147th , Turkmenistan - 164th.

source: Trend

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