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Iran prepares to transfer Caspian Sea water to Semnan Province

Iran prepares to transfer Caspian Sea water to Semnan Province Environment

Iran plans to transfer water from Caspian Sea to solve its water shortage problem, while the country's Department of Environment is reviewing the studies to decide the volume of water transfer.

The Iranian Department of Environment is a governmental organization, under the supervision of the president, that is responsible for matters related to safeguarding the environment.

"The necessary studies have been completed and the reports have been submitted to the Department of Environment," Ali Moridi, head of Department of Environment's soil and water office told Trend in an interview.

"Regarding technical and environmental issues, the most important is the volume of water that should be transferred. The expert sessions discussed the amount of transferred water to be used for drinking purposes and industrial needs," he said.

"The National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company of Iran would decide how much of the water transfer would be allocated to drinking water," Moridi said.


Speaking of water volume to be transferred for industrial use, he said the issue is being discussed.

Referring to a report of the Department of Environment, he said the report did not have the necessary supporting documents on volume of water transfer for industry and the presumed costs to be paid.

Referring to water transfer from the Persian Gulf, the official said that no "convincing studies have been conducted" with regards to this, and "only the assessment needs have been predicted so it requires further studies".

Responding to the criticism over water transfer from Caspian Sea to Semnan Province, he said that "the criticism over Caspian Sea water transfer was related to volume of water, the presumable volume is 7 cubic meters per second that would be 220 to 230 million cubic meters per year. The figure is equal to a small river discharge in the north of Iran."

Moridi insisted that the volume of water transfer would not affect the Caspian Sea water, since 90 percent of Caspian Sea water is supplied from the rivers that originate from Russia and flow through Iran side of the Sea.

"So, 7 cubic meters per second would not have an effect on the Caspian Sea water volume," said the official.

source: Trend

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