International institute of khazar sea studies (IIKSS)

International institute of khazar sea studies is an independent research and analysis center that was created by Meisam Arai Darunkola, a member of the faculty of the University in the second half of 1395. This institution is one of the first private institutions in Iran and operates without any political or ideological motivation. The Institute will make every effort to use this institution as a venue for expert, academic and official meetings on issues related to the Caspian Sea, in particular the legal and technical aspects of determining the legal regime of the Caspian Sea. In this regard, IIKSS consistently and consistently holds summits, conferences and round tables with the participation of academic and official researchers in order to contribute to the achievement of the goals and interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Caspian Sea Basin. The other principal tasks and purposes of the Institute are as follows:

  • Present information and analytical materials and articles, expert assessments, recommendations and proposals for academic and official researchers.
  • Study cooperation and relationships between the countries of the Caspian region.
  • Academic and practical descriptions, analysis and predictions of political, socialist and economic processes and events in the countries of the Caspian region.
  • Assess threat factors and strategic risks in the Caspian region.
  • Analysis of news and information related to the countries of the Caspian region.
  • Prevent decline in the importance of studies related to the Caspian Sea and increase the importance of Caspian (Khazar) sea studies.
  • Support and attract young, capable and dynamic professionals.

The Institute IIKSS publishes new articles and analytical materials on the institute's website every week and is ready to interact and cooperate with all institutions, official and unofficial bodies, higher education institutions and research centers or with any country.

Articles and analytical materials of the Institute are published in three languages: Persian, Russian and English. Also, students, academic and official researchers and in general, anyone interested in the issues of the Caspian region can access the electronic and library resources of the Institute for free.

If you have comments, criticisms and suggestions regarding articles and analytical materials that are published in the institute, you can send them by email (institute.iikss@gmail.com) or share them with the members of the Institute by phone (011-33349243). In addition, we would very much like to know how we can cooperate with you.

Address of the institute: Iran, Mazandaran province, Sari city, Imam Khomeini square, Pasdaran boulevard, in front of the limited surgical center, next to the financial and credit institution Kosar, 2nd floor.
Phone: 011-33349243
E-mail: info@iikss.com
Website: www.iikss.com

Maysam Arai Darunkola: member of the faculty of the university and director of the International Institute of Khazar Studies (IIKSS)
He published numerous works, the most important of which are:

  •  International Communication Law
  • Encyclopaedia of International Treaties of the 20th and 21st Centuries
  •  Introduction to the theory of law


  •  Principle of freedom of communications in the process of international relations
  •  Principle of information ethics
  •  Soft war and unused opportunities of international law
  •  International obligations of countries in the context of international relations
  •  Combination of State law and geographical names

Works in process:

  •  General theory of responsibility
  •  International responsibilities of countries